2017.08.02 [ Article ] Poster paper at ACM UIST (User Interface Software and Technology) Symposium, Quebec City, Canada, 10/22-25

2017.06.09 [ Exhibition ] at SV+VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound), Currents New Media Festival, Sante Fe, NM, USA, 6/9-25

2017.06.07 [ Grant ] SV+VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound) is supported by The Carl and Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation

2016.11.19 [ Composition ] selected for electroacoustic concert at Joint WOCMAT-IRCAM Forum, Taiwan

2016.08.19 [ Exhibition ] at SV+VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound), DDP, Seoul, South Korea, 8/19 – 9/18

2016.08.07 [ Article ] Demo paper at ISMIR (International Society for Music Information Retrieval), New York City, USA

2016.08.01 [ Press ] Author profile in ARTECA (a curated content platform for Arts/Science/Tech), Leonardo/ISAST and MIT Press

2016.02.27 [ Exhibition ] at Opening Art Exhibit at Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology (SBCAST), CA, USA

2016.01.23 [ Exhibition ] at SV+VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound), FOCA, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1/23 – 3/18

2015.11.27 [ Exhibition ] at InSonic, ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany

2015.10.16 [ Exhibition ] at the 3rd L.A.S.T. Festival, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA

2015.04.10Article ] in Leonardo journal article, Volume 48, Number 2, p111-116, MIT Press

2014.11.03Exhibition ] at Art Exhibit, ACM Multimedia (ACM MM), Orlando, FL, USA

2014.09.18Article ] at International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Athens, Greece

2014.06.07Exhibition ] at the 1st L.A.S.T. Festival, ZERO1 Garage, San Jose, CA, USA

2014.05.08Exhibition ] at Digital Arts Expo, California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA, USA

2014.02.06Press ] Author profile in LED, Leonardo (The International Society for the Arts, Science, and Technology)

2013.10.16Exhibition ] at Art Show, IEEE VIS Arts Program, Atlanta, GA, USA

2013.05.28Article ] at New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), South Korea

2013.05.23Exhibition ] Time Giver at AlloSphere, Shadow in Space, MAT EOYS, Goleta, CA, USA

2013.05.23Exhibition ] Visible Sound, Shadow in Space, MAT EOYS, Goleta, CA, USA

2013.04.16Article ] in Leonardo Music Journal 23: Sound Art, MIT Press

2012.09.20Talk ] at International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Albuquerque, NM, USA

2012.09.20Interview ] by KCRW, San Jose, CA, USA

2012.09.14Grant ] commissioned by ZERO1 and funded by the James Irvine Foundation, San Jose, CA, USA

2012.06.18Article ] at International Community of Auditory Display (ICAD), Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2012.05.29Exhibition ] at Bits & Pieces, MAT EOYS, Goleta, CA, USA

2012.04.09Exhibition ] at PRIMAVERA Festival of Contemporary Art and Digital Media, Goleta, CA, USA

2012.03.29Exhibition ] at Collider4:Spectacle, Akron, Ohio, USA

2012.01.23Award ] P.O.M. – III selected for MAT website sound design

2012.01.20Talk ] Design Principles and Practices, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2011.10.13Performance ] P.O.M. – II at CREATE Concert “Critical Point”, Lotte Lehmann Hall, Goleta, CA, USA

2011.08.19Exhibition ] at Mindshare LA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2011.06.11Exhibition ] at Questionable Utility, MAT EOYS, Goleta, CA, USA

2011.06.07Invited Talk ] at BIOPAC System Inc., Goleta, CA, USA

2011.06.01Exhibition ] at New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Oslo, Norway

2010.06.02Composition ] P.O.M., Honorary Mention, Sherrill C. Corwin Electro-Acoustic Composition Award, Goleta, CA, USA