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Berlin | 2015 Event: 2014 41st BMW Berlin Skating Marathon Wearables: GoPro, Sports Tracker app, HRM2, HTC M7 Data: GPX, Heart Rate, Action Sports Video Wearable Data Visualization from Yuan-Yi Fan on ...

Wearable Data Visualization

Data Visualization, Wearable Computing

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Studio Varèse| 2014 Reference Modules used in this study (Pittsburgh Modular, Piston Honda, 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier, Braids Oscillator, Phonogene, Pressure Points, Echophon, Quadra, Maths) This study was ...

Modular Synthesis Study

Computer Music

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Oblong Industries | 2012  The authors describe an artistic exploration of sound in space enabled by real-time computer vision algorithms that provide hand shape and 3D hand-tracking information. With David Minnen. Thanks ...

Move That Sound There

3D Gestural Interface, Spatial Computing

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ZERO1, CalArts, ACM MM, Leonardo | 2014 “Qi Visualizer” is an interactive installation that translates ineffable dialogues of the heart with the body into a collective poetry via audience participation. Audience can ...

Qi Visualizer

Biometrics, Collective Expression, Data Visualization, Interactive Art, Interactivity, Mobile Computing

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Santa Barbara, Atlanta | 2013 Time Giver explores the multimodal representation of an audience’s physiological (PPG and EEG) temporal patterns and thus shifting each audience member from observer to participant within ...

Time Giver Audience Participation Installation in Allosphere

3D Display, Collective Expression, Immersive Display, Interactive Art, Multimodal Display

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Nokia Research Center Hollywood | 2011  In the realm of digital storytelling, various kinds of digital media have been used to engage users with narrative content. Current narrative forms of storytelling have rely more on ...

Multimodal Dialogue System

Mobile Computing, Multimodal Interface, Wearable Computing

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Santa Barbara | 2013 Visible Sound is an artistic exploration of computer generated Cymatic patterns. Depending on boundary conditions and the driving frequency, different patterns emerge in the excitatory medium. In this ...

Visible Sound

Interactivity, Pattern Formation

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Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Oslo, San Jose, Albuquerque, CalArts, Orlando | 2010 - Present Resonant Forms series is an ongoing systemic exploration of data aesthetics to trigger spectators' inquiry about stories associated ...

Resonant Forms

Data Sonification, Data Visualization, Interactive Art, Physical Data Visualization

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Santa Barbara, Daejeon | 2013 BioSync: An Informed Participatory Interface for Audience Dynamics and Audiovisual Content Co-creation using Mobile PPG and EEG Abstract The BioSync interface presented in this paper merges ...


Biometrics, Collective Expression, Interactivity, Mobile Computing

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Taipei | 2009 This was part of my work when I worked at Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory, Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, National Taiwan University. The image shows the MEMS fabrication of 128-ch ...

Ultrasound Array Transducer Fabrication and Evaluation

CAM, Digital Fabrication, MEMS, Physical Computing

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Taipei | 2006 This system provides a safe rehabilitation environment for wheelchair user as well as programmable virtual environment for therapists to fast design motivative rehabilitation sessions. The virtual environment ...

Virtual Reality Platform Design and Evaluation

CAD, CAM, Head Mount Display, Virtual Reality

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Taipei | 2007 This study uses CAE (Computer-aided Engineering) tools with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) tool to investigate effects of neck muscles forces on cervical spine injury during vehicle crash in frontal, side, and ...

Biomechanical Multibody Dynamics Analysis and Finite Element Simulation


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Santa Barbara | 2013 aProbe is a heart rate app for interactive art. With the custom cross-platform NodeJS server, aProbe allows up to at least 50 concurrent connections for scalable audience participation. The UI/content ...


Biometrics, Collective Expression, Interactive Art, Mobile Computing, Scalable Network Application

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Santa Barbara, San Jose | 2012 Harmonious is a project conceived around the nature of translating signals and their inherent nature of existing in 2d into a world of 3d. This process of adding a spatial dimension as ...

Harmonious Physical Data Visualization

Physical Data Visualization

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Santa Barbara, Ohio | 2012 HRclient (2012) is a iphone app that sends out heart rate data to a remote computer wirelessly for heart rate based interactive art installations. HRclient is short for "Heart Rate client". The ...

Heart Rate App for Interactive Art

Biometrics, Collective Expression, Interactivity, Mobile Computing

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Santa Barbara | 2012 Fight or Flight is an interactive art installation that explores artistic representations of subtle changes in the heart rate signal of the spectators. The switch of the boids behaviors (from calm ...

Fight || Flight

Biometrics, Collective Expression, Interactive Art, Interactivity, Mobile Computing

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Santa Barbara, Ohio | 2012 Ambient Vision is an interactive art installation that addresses the rippled mental images as a product of the perceived external stimulus and the internal bodily response. This installation ...

Ambient Vision

3D Gestural Interface, Biometrics, Interactive Art, Mobile Computing

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Oslo, Los Angeles | 2011 BioRhythm is an interactive bio-feedback installation controlled by the cardiovascular system. Data from a photoplethysmograph (PPG) sensor controls sonification and visualization parameters in ...


Biometrics, Data Sonification, Data Visualization, Interactive Art, Interactivity, Mobile Computing, Multimodal Display

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Goleta | 2011 The Biopac plug-in for Device Server enables "control" and "signal" data communication between BioPAC's AcqKnowledge software and the Device Server. This allows researchers/musicians/artists to explore ...

Biopac Software Plug-in for AlloSphere

Biometrics, Interactivity

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Pluriphonic Lab, CNSI | 2011 P.O.M. - II is a 8 channel sonification/spatialization study continuing from P.O.M. - I, and was presented at the CREATE concert "Critical Point", Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, University of ...

8 Channel Sound Spatialization Study

Computer Music, Data Sonification, Immersive Display

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Santa Barbara | 2010 P.O.M. is a series of experiments that sonifiy cardiac activity data. The data sources were ECG and PPG signal from myself. Ambient background sound was also recorded and used to mix with the ...

P.O.M. – Data Sonification Studies

Biometrics, Computer Music, Data Sonification

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Santa Barbara | 2010 Popular Vector is a 3D data visualization project based on transaction records from Seattle Public Library (SPL). This is a study that looks into how social media tools (Google News API) interpret ...

3D Data Visualization using Google News API

Data Visualization

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Santa Barbara | 2011 I am interested in various instrumentation methods of human cardiovascular activities, such as sphygmograph, photoplethysmograph, and electrocardiograph. Among the above, Sphygsmograph has the longest ...

Style of Touch Project using HiJack Peripheral

Interactivity, Physical Computing

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Santa Barbara | 2010 GSR Mouse is a project I did for the MAT Sensor and Interface for Media Arts course. The idea is to provide an Arduino-based affective interface for logging user emotion (GSR/EDA) onto internet via ...

Galvinic Skin Response Interface with Pachube API

Biometrics, Collective Expression, Interactivity, IoT, Physical Computing